A quick overview (and instructions on how to use this course)

In this video we'll quickly see together how the course is structured plus what's the mindset you need to adopt in order to get the most results by it.


After watching this video, these are the next steps you need to take:

  • First, join the Facebook Group I created specifically for the members of this course - Turn Your Life Around Community. By doing so, you’ll keep yourself accountable by interacting with all the other fantastic people there, who are crafting their dream lives and going through your same challenges. Here you’ll find helpful advice, success stories, and I’ll be at your disposal to answer any question or doubt you might have.
  • Second, send me an email at this email address - [email protected] - requesting to book the free 60-minute 1:1 bonus Skype call (also please indicate a rough day and time for the appointment) - in which we’ll talk about the progresses you made after 1 month of taking the course. This, just like the Facebook group, will give you a sense of commitment and should motivate you to stay on track and actually put into practice everything you learn.